WATSON CREATIVE keeps its finger on the pulse of design across a wide range of industries. While industry-specific trends come and go, macrotrends are these vast, game-changing trends that overtake multiple industries and take years, sometimes decades, to rise and fall. Because of their slow movement, these can be difficult to detect, but leveraging them can lead to tremendous benefits for your brand. Here are some of the macrotrends that WATSON CREATIVE has studied.

Featured Insights

Summer Spotlight: Intern Edition

Our summer interns have arrived and are already hard at work and acclimating to agency life. In the fast-paced world of Watson Creative, it's important that they roll with the punches and dive straight into their work – so far they're nailing it! Our interns get a real, hands-on experience creating marketing and branding content for our clients, from [...]

WATSON // Celebrating 5 Years

5 YEARS IN … While we were established in 2008, Matt's only been doing this full time since 2013. It's hard to believe that we've strategized, designed, coded, illustrated and filmed for clients big and small for half a decade now. A big thanks to everyone for all your support over these last five years; I still can't [...]

All Mouth, No Trousers Videos

If you made it to our 2018 Design Week Portland event, All Mouth, No Trousers, we hope you had a blast, took home your choice of paper lips, and will join us for next year's event! Thank you to our incredible panel of experts for their discussion on what drives consumer motivation. Check out the [...]

All Mouth, No Trousers Photos

For our 2018 Design Week Portland open house event "All Mouth, No Trousers," WATSON set out to explore what drives consumer motivation. Our panel of experts weighed in on this topic from the perspective of several different industries, creating a lively discussion on how we launch consumers on a path from low commitment activity into long-term brand champions.

Storytelling Marketing

I think you may agree with me when I say … storytelling marketing has been proven as one of the most effective forms of marketing. But you may not know that storytelling is also a very powerful technique for developing a strong brand. In this article we are going to discuss how storytelling and marketing work together to be [...]


We were honored to host local design superstar, Aaron Draplin, as our guest for the Watson Creative Speaker Series this past July. Draplin, a graphic designer, author and founder of Draplin Design stopped by our studio and spoke on the craft of design, workflow and craftsmanship as applied to modern day design. Draplin, whose clients include Nike, Burton Snowboards, [...]

Andrea Marks

In August, Watson Creative Speaker Series hosted Andre Marks, design educator and documentary film-maker. Marks most recently released "Freedom on the Fence," a film about the revolutionary poster art from Poland from 1919 through the 1960s. She is an associate professor of the graphic design program at Oregon State University and has won several grants and awards. Marks spoke [...]

Kristin Van Buskirk

As the Watson Creative Speaker Series moves forward, we were lucky enough to have Kristin Van Buskirk from Woonwinkle Design Shop of Portland in to speak on the huge topic of color and it’s use in the design field. Drawing on her years as Nike Design Director, Kristin took us through her color journey, both in the design phase [...]

Speakers Series

We are consistently driven to learn. Part of our DNA is curiosity and it’s a humbling fact that after all our accomplishments, we still have so much to learn. To keep our team, clients and community evolving we host monthly learning events. Typically the events are Panel Interviews and are sponsored by local breweries and restaurants. All shows are [...]

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