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Just as you would never build a house without a blueprint, a sustainable brand cannot be built without a comprehensive strategy.

A successful brand is far more than a logo or tagline. It is an expression of your vision, a manifestation of how you relate to your customers and to the world at large. We don’t take this endeavor lightly, and we’re committed to helping you position your brand and unique story with a proven process that combines innovative methods with tried and true industry tools derived from decades of experience.


Success moving forward can only be achieved by clearly understanding what has shaped the past. That’s why we begin your process with a comprehensive Brand Audit, building out your Brand Architecture as well as your products’ Features, Advantages and Benefits. A map of the competitive landscape follows so we can pinpoint your brand’s very best position in the marketplace. Finally, we take you through Consumer 360 where we unravel the potential needs, wants, stories, and unknown opportunities from every relevant audience.


Brand Audit
Brand Architecture
Competitive Analysis
Consumer 360
Brand Storytelling
Mission, Vision & Positioning
Activation Map

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Working with companies on their Brand Strategy is one of the most rewarding experiences we have with our customers, and we can’t wait to dive into what makes your offerings so unique. Drop on by our offices in beautiful Portland, Oregon to start a discussion.

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