Testimonials + Press

Watson Creative brings high level strategy and creative thinking to every project. Their commitment to authentic, inspiring experiences with creative excellence is what makes them stand out as an agency that delivers on their promise.

Jana Panfilio

NIKE Sustainable Innovation

OBT partnered with Watson on a top to bottom brand re-appraisal and re-launch that was thoroughly exciting and that produced spectacular results. The entire Watson team impressed us with its appetite for information about our very specialized professional environment and its diligence in testing out the relevance of received wisdom; the attention to detail and the wish to find clear and succinct ways to communicate complicated messages in the simplest and most compelling way made the experience of working with Watson positively energizing for our entire organization. And, as I mentioned, the results are spectacular!

Kevin Irving

Artistic Director - Oregon Ballet Theatre

InFocus started working with WATSON a little over four years ago. They have been a key partner to re-establish our brand are one of the few creative partners trusted by both my CEO and myself. Matt and his team have listened, built strategies and then help us project our brand aspiration. Their work has been a powerful signal showing who we have become to our end users, channel partners and more importantly to our global team.

Loren Shaw

Marketing Director InFocus – Client since 2012

Of all the dollars we have spent, of all the partnerships we have sought, you guys have by far been the most valuable both personally and professionally. I know I have shared my feelings about our experience with you in the past but I believe that if you have something good to say you should say it ( again ). You are exceptionally talented at what you do. You have surrounded yourself with equally talented and genuine people and I hope to work with you guys for many years to come. In all the muck of daily operations when I come to your offices I get excited once again about all that we are doing and all that is possible.

Anya Gordon

President GroTec – Client since 2016

Watson has helped us refresh and update our brand from a visual standpoint that helped communicate the organization’s culture and mission and aligning with our strategic direction for growth. Working with WATSON has been fantastic. I have found that lots of creative firms have awesome ideas, but miss out on execution and timing. Watson not only is extremely talented on all things creative, but the team delivers on the big ideas.

Trey Maust

Co-President Lewis & Clark Bank – Client since 2013

It is not an easy task positioning your brand as a generalist firm, but at Scott | Edwards Architecture our diversity and unique culture are extremely important to us. In working with Watson Creative to nail down our positioning and strategy, we got a partner that was passionate about the process, really listened to what we had to say, were responsive, and brought great expertise and insights to the conversation. They were great to work with, and in the end delivered a thoughtful solution that bolsters our culture and our brand.

James Lee

Marketing Director Scott Edwards Architecture – Client since 2014

The response to PlayMaker has been fantastic! Our first wave of member sign-ups was so much higher than we expected, and our audience members are engaging with it daily. We are excited about the creativity that it brings to our loyalty efforts, and know that Motiv8 is going to take us to new levels of patron connection.

Cynthia Fuhrman

Portland Center Stage

Just a quick message to say thanks for your hard work on the Portworx website. It went live yesterday and we published a big press release today that's driving a lot of traffic. Lots of praise from the team on look-and-feel and functionality. Thanks!

Fred Love

VP Marketing Portworx – Client since 2016

Watson Creative has been instrumental in executing the look and feel of our online presence going forward. Our goal has been to create and develop a website that is aesthetically pleasing, informative and interactive, with a seamless shopping experience for our online guests. We're confident that our new site will do all of these things.

Betsy Hannaford

Marketing Director Stoller Family Estate Vineyard – Client since 2013

We met Matt Watson during his Nike days, and had many discussions about designing our brand. Today Watson Creative has been a primary vehicle for us to shoot over 500 weddings. Their leadership and design team and has given us keen insight into building perceived brand value in our highly competitive marketplace. Our brand has helped us attract ideal clients who match our style and make our business exponentially grow.

Jos WoodSmith

Principle Photographer JOS Studios – Client since 2009

Watson Creative did a wonderful job in our rebranding effort, – from our website to our collaborative material, their effort was fantastic.

Paul Zimmerman

President OPNW (Office Products Nationwide) – Client since 2013

Watson Creative has brought a simple, clean, versatile visual representation to an incredibly complex idea. Their work has allowed me to think beyond the borders of the city of Portland, and it has made me realize that I truly offer something unique in the fitness industry, and that it is a brand. They have set Portland Team Fitness up for greater success and visually have made it stand out.

Alayne Rowan

President Portland Team Fitness – Client since 2013

Watson Creative has been incredibly influential in helping us with the designing of our website, imagery and other essential needs in helping grow our business during our first year, their expertise on the industry and ease to work with has been very beneficial in our growth.

Ryan Richardson

CMO FanHold, inc. – Client since 2013

Watson Creative took a blank canvas and painted a wonderful picture for our primary and secondary audiences. It benefited us by building our core brand identity, attracting new and experienced staff, demonstrating our unique selling proposition, and generating sales. Truly business by design

Lewis McCoy

Principle & CMO Anthem Memory Care – Client since 2012

Watson Creative has completely transformed our brand and marketing process. They have redone our website, streamlined our logo, and built all our brochures to be fluid and consistent. Matt Watson started us down the road of video; the first one was very touching, and it was great to see our clients living well in their homes.

Lane Cooper

Owner Cooper Design Builders – Client since 2012

Watson Creative took our concept to the next level and brought our dream to life. We are extremely happy with the end product, and look forward to many future endeavors with WATSON!

Coleen McIntyre

President Cultured Chef Publishings – Client since 2012

Big thank you to you, Angi and Colby. I was so energized after leaving our appointment. Felt so good - was singing loudly in the car to Tom Petty "Oh baby don't it feel like heaven right now, don't it feel like something from a dream....

Carrie Young

President Slice of a City – Client since 2017


Creativity gives brands traction in the marketplace, and guiding a brand is an art – not a stylistic veneer. Marketing based on truth stand the test of time and helps people identify with the core character of your brand. Our process, systems and tools create authentic brand narratives and memorable experiences to transform perception, enrich connections and drive change. Quality in everything we do is the first measure of success.

There is no middle man and no business developer. We work with you every step of the way to develop a long-term relationship founded on results and design-driven business innovation.




People are at the heart of business and the world. We treat everyone we interact with, whether our employees, our contractors, our clients, our stakeholders, or anyone else, fair and with respect. Respect, fairness, and integrity are the cornerstones of our interactions, and we expect the same in return.



Our work culture is rooted in the communities where our team members work and live. We believe creativity provides growth opportunities for the young, advances future leaders, and develops our global culture. Our team shares one common purpose: to help inspire positive, lasting change.



It’s a partnership. Large or small, we treat each client the same. We put our best foot forward—almost to a fault. We teach our team the importance of quality thought, craftsmanship and how THEY can help make a positive impact on the world, our clients, and their families. History sides with the prepared; we approach every opportunity with a sense of great responsibility.



As a company based in Portland, Oregon, we are enthusiastic participants in the Green movement. We are always looking for ways to lessen our environmental impact. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s also smart business. We work to create designs that use less paper, textiles, dyes, energy, and resources. We also schedule client visits and market research efficiently to lessen our overall ecological footprint.