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Watson Creative brings high level strategy and creative thinking to every project. Their commitment to authentic, inspiring experiences with creative excellence is what makes them stand out as an agency that delivers on their promise.

Jana Panfilio

NIKE Sustainable Innovation

OBT partnered with Watson on a top to bottom brand reappraisal and relaunch that was thoroughly exciting and that produced spectacular results. The entire Watson team impressed us with its appetite for information about our very specialized professional environment and its diligence in testing out the relevance of received wisdom; the attention to detail and the wish to find clear and succinct ways to communicate complicated messages in the simplest and most compelling way made the experience of working with Watson positively energizing for our entire organization. And, as I mentioned, the results are spectacular!

Kevin Irving

Artistic Director – Oregon Ballet Theatre

InFocus started working with WATSON a little over four years ago. They have been a key partner to re-establish our brand are one of the few creative partners trusted by both my CEO and myself. Matt and his team have listened, built strategies and then help us project our brand aspiration. Their work has been a powerful signal showing who we have become to our end users, channel partners and more importantly to our global team.

Loren Shaw

Marketing Director InFocus – Client since 2012
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Creativity gives brands traction in the marketplace, and guiding a brand is an art – not a stylistic veneer. Marketing based on truth stand the test of time and helps people identify with the core character of your brand. Our process, systems and tools create authentic brand narratives and memorable experiences to transform perception, enrich connections and drive change. Quality in everything we do is the first measure of success.

There is no middle man and no business developer. We work with you every step of the way to develop a long-term relationship founded on results and design-driven business innovation.



People are at the heart of business and the world. We treat everyone we interact with, whether our employees, our contractors, our clients, our stakeholders, or anyone else, fair and with respect. Respect, fairness, and integrity are the cornerstones of our interactions, and we expect the same in return.


Our work culture is rooted in the communities where our team members work and live. We believe creativity provides growth opportunities for the young, advances future leaders, and develops our global culture. Our team shares one common purpose: to help inspire positive, lasting change.


It’s a partnership. Large or small, we treat each client the same. We put our best foot forward—almost to a fault. We teach our team the importance of quality thought, craftsmanship and how THEY can help make a positive impact on the world, our clients, and their families. History sides with the prepared; we approach every opportunity with a sense of great responsibility.


As a company based in Portland, Oregon, we are enthusiastic participants in the Green movement. We are always looking for ways to lessen our environmental impact. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s also smart business. We work to create designs that use less paper, textiles, dyes, energy, and resources. We also schedule client visits and market research efficiently to lessen our overall ecological footprint.