Matt Watson

Creative Director / Founder

I gravitate towards understated yet confident aesthetics that let customers focus on what matters. I love simple, clean design. Business and design are my lifelong passions. I thrive on competition.

In today’s fast-paced market, management is forced to make marketing and design decisions in a frenetic environment fraught with record spending to promote brands, short product introduction timeframes, and a range of non-traditional competitors. At WATSON CREATIVE, it is our responsibility to help clients step off that fruitless conveyor belt. We bring new ideas, a structured plan, and world-class design.

We may not take ourselves too seriously at WATSON CREATIVE, but when it comes to quality work we don’t mess around. We set the bar high, and I don’t allow anything but the very best work to leave this studio. We’re not salesmen: the quality of our work has to speak for itself.



Matt approaches design as both a creator and a business strategist. His portfolio features some of the world’s top-tier firms, organizations, athletic teams, and cultural icons. Matt’s creative solutions are not the safest nor the most conservative: but often they are the best.

As a designer, Matt earned his stripes working for Lippincott, a global leader in brand design based in NYC, before moving back to Oregon. There, he spent over ten years at Nike as a designer in several key business categories. The last position he occupied was senior member of Nike’s creative team, where he helped evolve NIKEiD. Today, NIKEiD dominates the world in customization, both online and in Nike’s brick and mortar stores. Matt brings knowledge and experience of 43 retail seasons across product, retail, brand, digital, and marketing, including 5 Olympic Games, 11 global initiatives, and 52 professional athletes. Matt has collaborated with Apple, EA Sports, PlayStation, Marvel, Lego, Pendleton, and Audi, among many others.

Today, Matt enjoys running his own studio, WATSON CREATIVE. His team supports a diversity of professional sports teams, health organizations, and global and local brands. Some of his most rewarding clients are non-sports accounts that keep his work growing and evolving. Large or small businesses, Matt is always game for a challenge. Matt is also an active advisory board member for the School of Design at Oregon State University, and teaches business and design courses at local colleges in the Portland area. Matt is a regular guest lecturer at conferences, as well as at major universities including Yale, NYU, and University of Washington.

His work and writings have been featured in over 50 publications, seven documentary films, as well as at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Matt graduated with honors from Oregon State University in Applied Visual Arts. He turned down the President’s Scholarship towards a graduate degree in design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to stay with Nike. During that time, he studied at night and completed an M.B.A. from George Fox University.

Matt is the husband and father of a growing family. He can be found cheering and/or yelling at the Oregon State Beavers, bushwhacking the many trails of the Northwest, restoring his 1923 home, or improving upon his well-established sneaker collection.

Whether you’re trying to ignite a new brand or resurrect an old one, Matt’s infectious energy, positive spirit, and unshakable belief in limitless possibilities will more than inspire you: it will get you results.

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Matt Watson
Creative Director / Founder


· OSU Board & Advisory
· OBT Board Member
· Ace Awards
· IDEA Design Excellence
· Volvo Sports Design
· Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum
· IDSA · Gold Medal
· Industrial Design Annual
· Print Magazine Annual
· Museum of Modern Art
· RISD & OSU Honors


· Managing Member · Watson Creative
· Professor · OSU & PNCA
· NIKE · Design & Marketing
· Lippincott · Brand Design


· George Fox University · MBA
· Oregon State University · DESIGN