Know What You Are and Be That

The very best brands are those that reflect the authentic essence of a company

No matter the complexity of your offerings or the size of your company, the basics are always the same: the very best brands reflect back the essence of a company. That’s why we follow this exceedingly simple philosophy: know what you are and be that. Using this authentic voice we’ll build the story of your brand – a promise to your customers that will capture their imagination and endure the test of time.


Whether it’s creating a brand mark or a drafting a new name, we’re ready to dive deep into your company’s DNA. Harvesting the tenets of mission, vision and tone, our brands find a strong position in the consumer mindset, furthering your company’s competitive advantage and differentiation in the marketplace. We believe every company has a personal mantra, and together we’ll find yours so you can repeat it your customers, to your employees and to the world.

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Brand Manifesto Statement
Verbal Branding & Naming
Tagline / Mantra Development
Visual Identity
Logo, Wordmark and Signatures
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Brand Design & Strategy

For us, nothing could be more exciting than naming a new endeavor or taking an established company through a fresh re-brand. Stop by our Portland HQ anytime, and we’ll get to it.


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