Consulting + Tools to make the most of your team offsite



Our Offsite Lab provides nearly two full days of exercises that are geared to help teams focus on their Brand Strategy and Marketing communications. Not only has this been a pivotal experience for our clients, but it’s also fun ‘team-building’ experiences for your staff to work through.

At NIKE, we used to have ‘Brand Camps’ to help leverage the global creative talent to evolve and refresh the brand. These were special experiences that taught us innovative tactics, fueled our hunger for excellence and quickly focused us the evolution of the brand. The humble notion to never take anything for granted and to always be on the offense. Always.


This Offsite Lab is is a series of exercises and tools your team will collectively work through combined with consulting/coaching from the team at Watson Creative. Watson Creatives brand design experts will assist you in editing and tailoring this lab to you and your goals.

Additionally, you’ll have access to an immense set of resources including, in-depth instructions, video tutorials, case studies, research articles, and an ever growing library of interviews, downloads and intellectual property, each designed to inspire and fuel change for your brand.

Based on the lab your team completes, WATSON will provide further insights and brand strategies as well as recommended next steps in a 12-slide Brand Evaluation Report.

Whether your brand is in need of a little tune-up or complete overhaul, Brand Labs provides a combination of innovative methods and tired and true industry tools to effectively guide you through the branding process. It’s a cross disciplinary approach that spans design, branding, marketing and proven business plan strategies.

The end result ensures your personal brand resonates with new and existing customers and furthers your individual competitive advantage for years to come.


  1. Offsite Brand Strategy Lab (Box, Tools and Exercises)
  2. Two, 1-hour Consulting Sessions – In-person or Virtually
  3. Brand Evaluation Report (12 slides)
  4. Brand Labs Portal (Collaboration, Files & Project MGMT)
  5. Case Studies & Industry Examples
  6. Tutorial Videos, Instructions and Workbooks
  7. Video Interviews, Resources and Articles


Brand Labs is a sister company of WATSON CREATIVE focused on education, tools and consulting to help entrepreneurs and business leaders create brands that drive demand, build loyalty and change industries.