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The Brand Strategy Lab is the culmination of Watson Creative Founder, Matt Watson’s experiences at Lippincott, the New York City based, premier business consulting and design firm, mixed with the development of irreverence from his time at NIKE and has been validated by over 300 clients around the world. It’s a proven process that will help you create brand experiences that will drive demand, build loyalty and redefine your industry.

The Brand Strategy Lab is a series of exercises and tools your team will independently work through combined with up to 5 hours of consulting/coaching with the professionals at Watson Creative. Watson Creatives brand design experts will assist you in editing and tailoring this lab to your organization and goals.

You’ll have access to an immense set of resources including, in-depth instructions, video tutorials, case studies, research articles, and an ever growing library of interviews, downloads and intellectual property, each designed to inspire and fuel change for your brand.

Additionally, upon completion of the Brand Strategy Lab, WATSON will provide insights and additional brand strategies as well as recommend next-steps in a 30-slide Brand Evaluation Report and recap.  


  1. CONSULTING – Lead by one of our seasoned executives, you will work with the entire team at WATSON to provide insights and recommendations for the work you are doing.
  2. THE BRAND AUDIT – Objectively understand the current state of your brand and, more importantly, how it’s being perceived and how it matches up with your competition. We will provide you the tools and resources to set the foundation for your competitive advantage.
  3. CONSUMER 360 – Define your consumer strategy and orchestrate the journey they will take from an attract, engage, capture and retain perspective.
  4. BRAND DNA – Your brand story is your most important asset. Learn the art of storytelling and how to strategically manage the life of your brand. We will help you Position, Leverage and Harvest from the lense of your brand.
  5. ACTIVATION MAP – Redefine your goals based on the outcomes of the 3 previous sections. Develop an Ignite, Launch and Sustain program and strategy for marketing your brand.
  6. BRAND EVALUATION REPORT – A 30-slide report from WATSON



  1. Brand Strategy Lab (Box, Tools and Exercises)
  2. FIVE, 1-hour Consulting Sessions – In-person or Virtually
  3. Brand Evaluation Report and Recap (30 slides)
  4. Brand Labs Portal (Collaboration, Files & Project MGMT)
  5. Case Studies & Industry Examples
  6. Video Tutorials, Instructions and Workbooks
  7. Video Interviews, Resources and Articles
  8. Quarterly Trend Reports and Inspiration
  9. BLINDSIDE (PDF Book) & CONSUMER 360 Research Guide




Brand Labs is a sister company of WATSON CREATIVE focused on education, tools and consulting to help entrepreneurs and business leaders create brands that drive demand, build loyalty and change industries.