Loyalty, Rewards + Gamification


“At Lippincott, I learned the classic principles of branding. At NIKE, I was immersed in an accelerated curriculum of brand innovation and marketing. Those experiences gave birth to our Brand Loyalty strategies and proprietary system.”

Creative Director & Managing Member of WATSON

The largest challenge facing businesses is cultivating low-commitment supporters into loyal and high-commitment champions. From our experience, your best assets are your Brand and Loyal Consumers – and they want to be involved. To that end, every customer touchpoint is a small piece of a larger narrative shared by a Brand and evolved by each individual consumer. You can’t avoid that truth. Embrace it. Regardless if you’re an NFL Team or a small B2B product companies – our system works.


Our Brand Loyalty Program is ranked number one in the world. It’s flexible, unique and tailored to each client and every consumer. It is an orchestrated, yet organic set of interrelated consumer experiences that intrinsically motivate behaviors, and challenge individuality and expression. It capitalizes on consumer creativity and the authenticity your brand has to offer.

Our solutions are much more than a stylistic veneer, they create behavior pattern. When a brand has a deep-rooted meaning and shared experiences that touch the hearts and minds of consumers, marketing becomes significantly easier and less expensive. The brand becomes part of their life, community and culture.


We have the number one ranked Brand Loyalty and Rewards SaaS (Software as a Service) in the world. We are the only solution that can engage consumers at every touchpoint. It’s completely customized and flexible – and as unique, as you are.

Loyalty and Rewards System
Earn, Rewards & Leaderboard
Gamification, Store, Fundraise
Membership & Club Platform
Data and Brand Intelligence
Online Site, App, RFID, Beacons, etc.
Numerous Integrations and API’s



Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn about and buy products and services – there will be winners and losers. Our clients experience low risk and high returns, transforming how they go-to-market, generate economic growth, and involve their customers. Contact us for more information, as well as case studies, testimonials, stats, system features, and integrations.



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