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We’ve built a financial design marketing team from the inside out. Most notably, EVP, Colby Schlicker, is a former Marketing Director for a Community Bank, and Matt Watson, started his career working on the corporate merge of CitiBank and Travelers, before moving on to spend eleven years at NIKE. Whether you’re a local credit union or an investment strategy firm, we will leverage our entire past to bring new fresh ideas to your organization.

Lewis & Clark Bank | Consolidated Community Credit Union | First State Bank of Middlebury
Washington Trust Bank | Bank of Eastern Oregon | Bank of Marin


We help you position your brand and unique story through our “Business by Design” approach, which uses workshops and processes to achieve the positioning you require


We’ll build the story of your brand – that unique promise that makes you special – into every part of your bank, adding superb design as a finishing touch


Most banks talk to customers like they’re bankers too – we find a different voice and build trust through every touchpoint experience


We keep your brand message simple and relatable, be it through a brochure, print advertising, or your stationery and forms


More than half of US adults bank online; we can help you use this interface to build your brand awareness and loyalty


Whether it’s digital networking, experiential marketing, or improving your PR profile, we are leaders at creating campaigns that build loyalty


First impressions count – our knowledge of branch design and flow will create an ambience to make your customers feel comfortable the moment they walk through the door


In the highly competitive banking field, we have an unrivaled ability to drive loyalty and produce advocates to champion your services


There’s no doubt your bank is unlike any other. You’ve worked hard to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and you know why you’re better than the rest. But when you talk about and market yourself, do your messages of community and service sound like all the rest? Do you have a competitive advantage that your commercial clients actually care about and differentiates you from the competition? Is it clear, intuitive and easy to switch to your services?

This is where WATSON CREATIVE comes in. As brand storytellers and marketing experts for the financial sector, we can help you to build a powerful brand that will distinguish you from commoditization, build trust, and set the foundation for your future. Our knowledge of the banking sector includes both a big picture perspective as well as our ability to put together the granular details of a marketing campaign.

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