PORTLAND (OR) – April 4, 2014 – The successful launch of local startup FanHold, a fantasy sports financial management solution, has attracted praise from Forbes Magazine.

In the article, published online on April 4th, 2014, contributor Darren Heitner described how FanHold fills a gap in the fantasy sports financial management marketplace by providing fantasy league managers with a secure method of managing their league’s payments.

The Forbes Magazine article comes on the heels of the successful launch of the Portland, Oregon startup, who partnered with design-led business consultancy firm Watson Creative on their branding and design efforts.

“Watson Creative has been incredibly influential in helping us with the designing of our website, imagery and other essential needs in helping grow our business during our first year,” said Ryan Richardson, chief marketing officer of FanHold. “Their expertise on the industry and ease to work with has been very beneficial in our growth.”

“This was our first time working with a start-up; just two guys with a bold, outlandish idea that might just work,” said Matt Watson, co-founder and creative director at Watson Creative. “Coming from a sports background, we were intrigued by the unique consumer solution that most sport fans have struggled with.”

While Watson Creative collaborated closely with FanHold on the visual brand and design, Portland-based software engineering firm Desja Logic provided the technical know-how to build the back-end system from scratch.

“We’re proud to see that all our collaboration with FanHold and Desja Logic is paying off,” said Watson. “It’s great to see that such a prestigious publication as Forbes Magazine is recognizing a bold idea and the great deal of hard work that went in it.”

Read the Forbes Magazine article online: www.forbes.com

About Watson Creative
Watson Creative is a design-led business consultancy firm based in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Matt Watson, a design expert with 11 years experience with Nike, Watson Creative offers a wide range of business-led design services, including brand management and strategy, rebranding services, web design, VIP and athlete branding, and business strategy.

About FanHold
FanHold is a Portland-based startup offering a unique fantasy sports league financial management system. FanHold is an intuitive, secure solution that eases the work of fantasy league managers by providing them a convenient way of managing the league’s financial contributions.

About Desja Logic
Desja Logic is a custom software engineering firm based in Portland, Oregon. Their services include enterprise hosting, custom development, as well as offshore outsourcing management.