Your brand is your bank’s workhorse

Mortgage rates and customer service are important, but branding sets you apart. It unifies your people, products, and core services into something that clients and customers can identify and share—a touchpoint that drives growth and revenue. This is why investing in your brand is one of the best moves that you can make.

Are you optimized for mobile?

Our phones go where we go. A high-quality user experience on mobile is no longer “nice-to-have,” it’s an absolute for customers and clients. We look for banks that can keep pace with the speed of our day-to-day.

Does your content matter?

Your business is built on genuine, lasting relationships with customers and clients. Your content has to be equally authentic and real, replete with stories that resonate with meaning. There is simply no substitute for impactful content that can directly fuel those relationships — something even your C-Suite will appreciate.

Are you right here, right now?

There is a direct line from communication to profit. Whether it’s an acquisition, merger, or new product line, your message has to get in front of the rollout with strong calls to action. Clarity and a sense of urgency must accompany every milestone.


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Let’s talk ROI in ways your CFO will understand. Branding ROI is not necessarily immediate, such as click-through rates or “likes”. Within financial services often branding or website projects are seen as sunk costs, amortized over a 3-5 year time frame, or paid in one chunk with the expectation that it will live on for 20 years to follow. The measurement of success will be unique not only to your bank and core services, but your investment and budgeting philosophy.

Colby Schlicker

EVP Strategy & Marketing
[email protected]

Give them a reason to believe

Banking is vital. But do your customers believe it?

Before I was EVP of Marketing at Watson Creative, I served as a bank marketing director for nearly a decade. I intimately understand the challenges that banks face today and the increasing need to craft a story that actually resonates.

Your brand is more than your business. It transcends your products and services. It is a living entity that must be cultivated for your organization to differentiate and grow. Most importantly, it gives people a reason to believe in what you do.

As an industry, banks have struggled to adapt to the evolutions in branding that people now expect—vibrancy, engagement, meaning. If you know that your bank can tell a better story, we’d love to hear about it.


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