PORTLAND (OR) – January 7 th, 2014 – Anthem Memory Care, a team of care professionals specializing in dementia care, successfully extended their marketing reach through a campaign focusing on the human stories at the heart of their practice.

Looking to reinvent their marketing and brand, Anthem Memory Care retained the services of Watson Creative, a design-led business consultancy firm based in Portland. The design firm took a holistic approach that led to the redesign of every customer touch point, from lobby space, to print, to viral content.

“Watson Creative took a blank canvas and painted a wonderful picture for our primary and secondary audiences,” said Lewis McCoy, principal at Anthem Memory Care. “It benefited us by building our core brand identity, attracting new and experienced staff, demonstrating our unique selling proposition, and generating sales.”

At the heart of Watson Creative’s work was a brand promo video featuring some of the residents under the care of Anthem Memory Care. Although Anthem were initially reluctant about the video, Watson Creative helped them create a powerful video that told their story in an authentic and human manner.

“The product they produced was, in our estimation, quite a work of art,” said McCoy of the brand promo video. “It so happened that in an employment interview for a pivotal position, I had the screen up and decided to play the video. At the end, I turned back to the applicant, who had tears in her eyes. She remarked that from watching the video, she could tell that Anthem Memory Care was a company that she wanted to be a part of!”

Matt Watson, co-founder and creative director, was effusive when recounting his collaboration with Anthem Memory Care.

“I really felt Anthem Memory Care were doing something special, and it was a privilege to be a part of it,” said Watson. “Our time with Anthem demonstrated that technology, meaningful stories, and lightweight communication systems can allow a small, dedicated staff to share and keep families connected regardless of distance.”

About Watson Creative
Watson Creative is a design-led business consultancy firm based in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Matt Watson, a design expert with 11 years experience with Nike, Watson Creative offers a wide range of business-led design services, including brand management and strategy, rebranding services, web design, VIP and athlete branding, and business strategy.

About Anthem Memory Care
Anthem Memory Care is a team of experienced individuals who have successfully developed and leased more than 60 new senior communities, operated over 1,500 beds dedicated to memory care, and more than 12,000 senior units in total. With initial communities in Chico, California and Littleton, Colorado, Anthem is committed to creating a portfolio of communities dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare and housing for those with cognitive impairment.