“Team” may seem a somewhat overworked notion, but it is one of particular relevance to WATSON. It represents our demand for excellence, creativity, innovation and collaboration. Our mission is a tall order. And it comes with increased expectations from our clients and, most importantly, from ourselves. We’re always on the offense. Always.

Founder + Creative Director

Matt Watson

Matt approaches design as both a creative force and a business strategist. He earned his stripes working at Lippincott (NYC) before spending ten years as a senior member for Nike creative team. He is an active advisory board member for the School of Design at Oregon State University, and his work has been featured in over fifty publications, seven documentary films, as well as by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


Can be found: yelling at/for the Oregon State Beavers
Favorite sneaker: Original Air Max 90
Superpower: Observation

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EVP of Strategy + Marketing

Colby Schlicker

Whether developing business face-to-face, strategically positioning a brand from a bird’s eye view, or leading the implementation of internal and external initiatives — Colby’s focus is setting the direction for growth.

Colby believe brands can mean something special; that organizations can achieve more than people’s expectations if leadership is willing to market in the actual era we are currently living in. As a relationship builder and marketing leader, Colby understands what it takes to deliver and align message, purpose, and stories of success through marketing and branding – creating the right message at the right level of sophistication.


Alternate Career Choice: Park Ranger in Kauai
My Family: Awesome wife and 2 active boys
Pet Peeve: Know-it-alls and people who wear flip flops on airplanes

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VP of Creative

Greg Needham

Greg got his start in design when he first touched a computer in 1985. He majored in design and history, then worked as a designer, art director and photographer in the Portland area. He ran his own agency in South Florida in 2006, where he worked with both local and national clients, including the Lower Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and the Key West Port Authority. He was creative director for MOSAK Advertising & Insights in Austin, Texas, where he worked with a wide range of clients including the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and 3M, helping create national campaigns. Greg joined Watson Creative in 2015.


Alternate Career Choice: Teacher
Drink of Choice: Coffee, always coffee
Words to Live By: We must travel in the direction of our fears.

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Executive Creative Director

Howard York, MFA

Hard to tell by just looking at him but Howard has close to 50 years experience as brand specialist. Starting in the mid 60’s in New York during the “golden age” of design firms he worked for some of the top firms including: Lippincott, Interbrand, Enterprise and then eventually in California for Saul Bass. Howard’s long career includes responsibilities for global programs for Exxon, Sanyo, McDonalds, Taco Bell and even includes airport signage and wayfinding for airports in Saudi Arabia and the Nashville Bus terminal. He has won hundreds of design awards, has been widely published and his work is in the permanent design collections of both MOMA and Cooper Hewitt museums in NY.


Is just as comfortable on land as in the water
Spent 3 months practicing silent meditation at a Buddhist monastery
Dreams of having a show of his paintings

VP of Brand Motivation

Ian Greenfield

Ian provides Watson with a nearly two decades of professional marketing and communications management while instilling an inescapable creative streak in everything he does.

Prior to joining Watson, Ian served as Deputy Communications Director for the Governor of Oregon, was the marketing VP for the West’s leading public affairs firm Strategies 360, and co-founded his own advertising agency, HungerStrike, where his client work earned both an International Association of Business Communicators’ Bronze Beacon Award and a Public Relations Society of America Award of Excellence. In the non-profit sector Ian served as the Communications Director for Compassion & Choices and as the Managing Director of the Oregon-based Bus Project, which he helped expand into six states. His communications strategy for the Trick or Vote program led to coverage in The New York Times, CBS News, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and NPR, and won Politics Magazine’s Award for best Get-Out-the-Vote effort in 2008.


First Portland Gig: Founded the experimental theater company Lightbox Studio
Enjoys: Listening to his wife play the Bassoon
Preferred Mode of Transportation: Bicycle (but not self-righteous about it)

Past Clients:
New Deal Vodka
Port of Portland
United Bridge Partners
Healthy Democracy
Oregon Historical Society
North Highland
Clean Fuels Work

Studio Manager

Jessica Watson

Jessica brings a unique balance of creativity and organizational efficiency to WATSON CREATIVE. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in counseling psychology from Washington State University. Jessica is responsible for mapping the evolution of trends and macrotrends for WATSON CREATIVE, as well as managing WATSON CREATIVE’s day-to-day operational work including HR, procurement, finances, billing and processes.


Roots for: Washington State Cougars
Current obsession: Her Pinterest board
Bragging rights: Worked for Head Start/ECEAP

SEO Director

Nat Bockman

Nat has been a small business owner and entrepreneur for over 20 years in a wide variety of online and off line business sectors ranging from beer brewing to SEO. In 2016 Nat teamed up with Matt Watson to form Brand Labs a do-it-yourself, consultant backed, brand strategy system that provides startups, small businesses, and individuals access to high-end brand strategy tools.


Alternative Career Choice: Professional Backcountry Skier
Roots for: NY Giants
Current favorite activity: Crossfit

Accounts Director

Tracie Brackett

Account Manager/Producer specializing in design, marketing and branding. 14 years of experience driving successful projects by constant problem solving, studio management and ensuring that my client and studio relationships come first


Was tasered unconscious during a Tough Mudder race while completing the Electroshock Therapy obstacle.
Thankfully it was at the end of the race so her team just drug her across the finish line

Art Director

Angi Arrington

Angi brings logic matched with unbridled passion, common sense complimented by wild ideas; every problem has an answer, and you must work until that answer is immensely crafted. She began her career blending her love for sports and passion for design, working with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, and MLS at WinCraft, Inc. Since, expanding from industry leaders to local festivals, bringing big agency experience and a start-up client focus, all the while making the experience a heck of a lot of fun along the way.


Drink of Choice: Old Fashioned
Words to Live By: I believe you will be presented with opportunities to excel, opportunities to struggle, opportunities to be significant, opportunities to be humbled, opportunities to cry hard, to be foolish, and to love… take them.
Hobby: Family, Basketball, Kickboxing, Powerful Books & Creative Anything.

Sr. Writer

Ian Miller

“If you don’t call it art, you’re likely to get a better result.” That’s Brian Eno, and gospel to Ian’s approach to creative services. Understand the need. Set the intention. Build a strategy. Get to work. Because making something new, something that matters, takes attention, guts, and resiliency to follow the story and realize its purpose. This is true for people. And it’s true for brands.

As a writer, strategist, and creative director, Ian has produced award-winning work for Tillamook Dairy, Whole Foods, University of Virginia, Portland State University, Calvin College, ADTRAN, Chatham Financial, J.R. Simplot, Mali Resorts, Qideas, KinderCare Education, and Blend Design. In his former life, Ian was an academic—serving on faculty at Cornell University, where he was thrice awarded Excellence in Teaching.

Ian is very excited to call Watson Creative home.


More quotes that Ian lives by:

“What you can become is the miracle you were born to be through the work that you do.” – Kurt Vonnegut
“You got to stay ready to keep from getting ready.” – Young Thug
“Not that one is the first to see something new, but that one sees as new what is old, long familiar, seen and overlooked by everybody” – Friedrich Nietzsche
“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” – Toni Morrison

Creative Producer

Jay Garcia

Jay is a passionate brand storyteller with proven success in brand and project management. Whether it’s spearheading brand identities for Social Media campaigns, website design or helping curate an activation, he is a creative powerhouse that gets the job done.


Alternate Career Choice: Celebrity Brand Marketing
Words to Live By: Don’t just be a 9-5 creative
Dream Superhero Power: Fly

Sr. Designer

Raymond Perez

Ray is a graduate of Whittier College and Otis/Parsons College of Art in Los Angeles. He thrives on creative collaboration and ran a branding agency in Las Vegas where he worked in the travel, food and gaming industries before calling Portland home. His expertise spans graphic and digital design, art direction, and brand strategy. He’s produced work for Adidas, Coca-Cola, Jive, Keen, Marriott, and Wolfgang Puck. In his spare time he can be found exploring wilderness trails, chasing waterfalls and that elusive Bigfoot.


Once walked across broken shards of glass on stage for a Vegas Show
Alternate career- Architect or Food Blogger
Drink of choice- Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Multimedia Designer | Film + Writer

Jeffrey Tan

Jeffrey Tan is a film director and writer who draws his inspiration from his own passions and the passions of those around him. He thrives on discovering his clients’ stories and telling them in visually creative and intuitive ways.  When he is not filming or editing, you’ll most likely find him yelling with the Timbers Army, cycling around town, or digging for records.


Signature Cocktail: Old Fashioned
Fun Fact: Is an unabashed Trekie (TNG > TOS)
Pet Peeve: Omitting the Oxford Comma

Developer + Digital Producer

Joseph Krahn

Best described as passionately curious, Joseph, an entrepreneurial web developer, sees opportunity in different places to grow client brands. Joseph is a Web UI/UX designer, SEO Specialist, and Front-End Web Developer. He has a background starting small businesses, and grinding through hard work to create new things. His passion is to develop products that are incredibly useful in our daily lives. Lastly, Joseph believes creativity is essential to business.


Big fan: Functional design
Guilty pleasure: Watching high speed chases on Youtube
Preaches: Learn to accept failure

Multimedia Designer | Film + Photo

Summer Luu

Summer is truly a jack-of-all-trades— a Swiss army knife of creative media production. As a video editor, photographer and junior web developer, Summer is passionate about bringing ideas to life, creating and capturing unique visuals. When Summer is not behind the camera, you can find her in the darkroom developing film or ooh’ing and aah’ing over album art.


Favorite Album: Disintegration by The Cure
Superpower: Table tennis
Words to Live By: “There is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun”

Sr. Designer

Anna Gray

Anna is an Alaskan Grown, Portland based designer, with extensive experience in print, digital, and production. After studying Design at Western Washington University, Anna began her professional career in Seattle working with several design agencies. Most notably working on the Starbucks Emerging Brands team, and Teague’s User Experience department. She relocated to Portland in 2015 to seek new opportunities, where she continues to pursue specializing in the creation of digital experiences for a multitude of brands within a broad spectrum of design disciplines with specialties in branding and digital products.


She can probably deadlift more than you weigh (Yes you too Mike)
Listens exclusively to post-hardcore rock during the design process
Her hand was featured on Cupcake Wars, and her whole person was featured in the background of Alaska Gold Rush.


Alex Tryon

Alex became a developer because he loves the combination of abstract problem solving and craftsmanship required of the field. Solving for big asks and new puzzles is the best part of his job. He likes pushing his skills and experimenting with new technologies and techniques, but always working in service to content and design.


Better than his wife at crossword puzzles, but always loses at Scrabble
Watson’s resident desk-leveler, chair-assembler, fix-it person
Knows Greg Oden was the correct #1 pick at the time

Marketing Content Strategist

Ava Goodling

Ava began her career in marketing working on the client side for several years with Oregon Children’s Theatre. For Watson Creative, she enjoys the opportunity to apply marketing strategies for brands and their social media, press relations, email marketing, and more. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to apply her love of copywriting at Watson and to work with such incredible clients in her first agency position.


Obsessed with dogs (including her own Golden Retriever mix, Ellie)
Loves to cook
Was a theater nerd in high school

Digital Marketing Strategist

Brenden Bittner

Brenden is a Brand and Digital Marketing Strategist who works with all types of businesses to grow their brand awareness. Leading up to working at Watson Creative, Brenden worked in strategic business development and marketing for several industries, including hospitality and high-end consumer goods.

He is known for his love of kayaking and when not out on the water can be found at one of the plethora of Portland breweries.


Office Bowling Champ
Guilty Pleasure – Watching Terrible Movies
Favorite Quote – “Marketing isn’t about selling a product, its about creating desire.”

Web Developer

Bart White

Bart studied development after taking a web design elective in a graphic design program and switching programs. He enjoys web development because it combines his love of design with his love of programming and technology. Since starting his web development career, he has never stopped learning and looking for more opportunities to learn.


Plays: Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele, and Didgeridoo
Makes video games in his spare time
Always thinks of a third thing when making lists

Jr. Designer

Phoenix Dawn

Phoenix is known for her tenacious spirit and love of learning. On work days you can find her drawing out storyboards, animating social media graphics, and dreaming up new print and web designs for the studio. She graduated in June 2018 with her BFA in Graphic Design and minor in New Media Communications, after which she found her home at Watson Creative. On her days off you’ll find her in bouldering gyms, bookshops, or wandering the streets sporting graphic FX makeup looks she designs herself. Despite her age, she has collected a number of exciting life experiences, including being dubbed by H.R.H. Princess Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian in 2012, and being discovered by the Mahlstedt Gallery in 2014.


Favorite word: Poof
Favorite Phrase: “You remind me of the babe.”
Little known fact: Officially the Ambassador of Otherworld due to her status as the Social Media Ambassador to the Princess of Armenia.