SportCode is a Color Trend Forecast



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60% of the acceptance or rejections of a product, is based upon color.

Matt Watson spent years working on product – both at NIKE and as a consultant. He’s spent decades following trends (Macro and Micro) in the world of sport and pop-culture. One things reigns true – there is a specific Color Palette that is the backbone of sport; it’s not your typical varsity palette. SPORT CODE unlocks the best performing collection of color. Products that leverage our palette perform 72% better at brick and mortar retail and 39% better online than those that don’t. We’ve researched globally across cultures, skin tones and the merchandising chaos of retail to develop a palette that is progressive, yet tried and true; modern, yet classic.


  • 1. 28 Color Swatches
  • 2. Intellectual Property and forecasting tools
  • 3. Portal access with additional resources and seasons trends and forecasts.
  • 4. Retro and historical color mapping
  • 5. Global team sport palettes
  • 6. Country Flags and preference analysis

This Kit includes a combination of consulting from WATSON and exercises your team will work through independently. Sport Code includes ample consult hours with our executive team. Additionally, you will have access to an immense set of resources including, in-depth instructions, tutorial videos, case studies, research, articles, and an ever growing library of interviews, articles, downloads, and intellectual property, each designed to inspire and fuel change for your brand.
Our bootcamp will teach you how to become a leaner, better, and more profitable business.