Tried and True Strategies for Product Based Companies.



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Our executive team cut their teeth at NIKE working across a variety of disciplines – Design, Development, PLM, Merchant, PR, Marketing, Retail, and Sustainability. Additionally, we’ve spent years working across a variety of product-led companies – all of whom have benefited from the basic principles we’ve learned at the swoosh.


This Product Academy Lab is is a series of exercises and tools your team will independently work through combined with consulting/coaching from the professionals at Watson Creative. Watson Creatives product experts will assist you in editing and tailoring this lab to you and your goals.

Additionally, you’ll have access to an immense set of resources including, in-depth instructions, video tutorials, case studies, research articles, and an ever growing library of interviews, downloads and intellectual property, each designed to inspire and fuel change for your brand.

Our Product Academy Lab will teach you how to become a leaner, better, and more profitable business.


Product Academy Lab (Box, Tools and Exercises)
Twelve, 1-hour Consulting Sessions – In-person or Virtually
Product Academy Lab Portal (Collaboration, Files & Project MGMT)
Case Studies & Industry Examples
Tutorial Videos, Instructions and Workbooks
Video Interviews, Resources and Articles

Product Academy Modules

THE BASICS – Lean and mean business fundamentals
Welcome to Footwear & Apparel 101. We’ll run you through the basics of running a lean and mean business, and equip you with all the concepts you need to tackle the market. We’ll use this module to establish common ground and a shared vocabulary, which we’ll then use to work together to exceed your expectations.

CONSUMER & CHANNEL KNOWLEDGE – Know yourself, know your consumers
“Know thyself.” In business terms, this means understanding your consumers and the way they access your products through geography and time filters. We’ll share our best practices, tools, and strategies to get inside your consumers’ heads, and understand the channels through which your product reaches the market.

PRODUCT LINE ARCHITECTURE – Your 3-year product line plan
Through expert product line architecture, you can communicate the values of your brand in a manner that is immediately relevant and comprehensible to your consumers. A product line that is adapted to market demand can immediately add value to your products. Over the course of this module, we’ll tell you how to achieve this through product assortments, target consumers, pricing strategies, distribution, and more.

PRICE ELASTICITY – Create effective pricing structures
A number of factors can influence the perceived value of your products, and many of them have nothing to do with the physical product itself, and everything to do with product lining, brand storytelling, and marketing. We’ll discuss these in detail, illustrating the ways in which your pricing structure can move in line with market expectations.

RETAIL PRODUCT PRESENTATION – Tips and tricks for a killer first impression
No matter your brand positioning, no matter your marketing efforts, the critical moment in retail comes when a potential consumer sees and holds your product. This tactile, visual, and even olfactory experience is as critical as a first handshake. In this module, we’ll share our killer tricks to make a first impression that will leave your consumers breathless.

MARKET METRICS –The knowledge that powers market wisdom
Market data powers the knowledge that informs market wisdom. Through the tracking and analysis of market metrics, you can get insight that will help you not only understand, but also predict the market’s movements and trends. We’ll tell you what to measure, how, when, and why.

THE POWER OF CUSTOMIZATION – Customer relationships built on self-expression
By letting your consumers customize your product, you enter a deep relationship with them where your brand becomes a vehicle for personal self-expression. Giants like Nike do it and so can you. We’ll tell you how to do it and why, and we’ll guide you through the physical and marketing requirements for a successful customization system. If done right, product customization will improve financial performance and provide you with a strong competitive advantage.

DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM – Navigate your products’ social media niches
The Internet is a constellation of social media niches in which your brand can thrive and reach your consumers. But careful: each of these networks have their own language, and a false move can cause a consumer backlash. Fortunately, we know how to navigate these waters and guide your brand to the safe harbor of success.

BRAND MARKETING – Brand. Meet. Market
Your brand’s marketing is its story, its values, its promise, and its voice. With our expert coaching, that voice will rise high and clear above the competition. Whether it’s building a visual system, streamlining your brand values, or finding that perfect PR opportunity, we’ll teach you the art behind the magic.